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Dr Tanu Jain Biography, Wiki, Rank, Age, Batch, Husband, Family and More

Dr Tanu Jain is an IAS interviewer who visits the Drishti IAS Academy to conduct interviews for UPSC aspirants. She cleared the UPSC exam in the year 2014 with a rank of 648. Following that, she became a prominent member of the panel conducting mock interviews at Drishti IAS, earning a special place in the hearts of UPSC aspirants. Dr. Tanu Jain has a huge following among aspirants due to her unique interviewing style.

Additionally, Tanu is a doctor by profession and has also served as an Assistant Director in the DRDO. She is widely known across India as an interviewer at Drishti IAS Academy.

Dr Tanu Jain Biography
Full NameDr. Tanu Jain
Tanu Jain Date of Birth16 July 1986
Tanu Jain Age37 years
Ravi Sihag VillageDelhi, India
Famous AsDrishti Interviewer, UPSC Batch 2014 (Rank 648)
Tanu Father NameSoon
Tanu Mother NameUpdate
Tanu Jain Rank648 rank
SchoolsCambridge Public School, Srinivaspuri New Delhi
CollegeBDS from Subharti Medical College Meerut
Tanu Jain HusbandVatsalya Kumar

Dr Tanu Jain (IAS) Biography

Dr. Tanu Jain, born on July 16, 1986, in the Sadar Bazaar area of Delhi, into a Jain family, is nestled in the hearts of children preparing for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Indian Police Service (IPS). Primarily, she ventures to the doorstep of the IAS Academy for mock interviews. She cracked the challenging UPSC examination in 2014, securing the 648th rank. Throughout her UPSC career, she made three attempts.

In her initial attempt, she cleared the prelims but couldn’t pass the mains. Subsequently, in her second attempt, she cleared both prelims and mains but fell short in the interview round, despite reaching it.

Dr Tanu Jain husband and love story

After facing initial failures in her UPSC exam attempts, Dr. Tanu Jain sought help from her special friend, guide, and philosopher, Vatsaly Kumar. Tanu and Vatsaly prepared well for the interview, resulting in scoring 200 marks this time. Later, the friendship between Vatsaly Kumar and Tanu Jain turned into love, and they got married.

Dr Tanu Jain husband

Dr. Tanu Jain husband: Vatsalya Kumar

Dr Tanu Jain UPSC Career

During my medical studies, during my internship, I came to know about UPSC, an exam through which one can become a high-ranking officer. At that time, I didn’t even know what IAS and IPS officers do. Then I understood that even though I didn’t know much about the work of IAS and IPS officers, society considers them highly knowledgeable, and I also want to become an IAS IPS officer. I started preparing for the UPSC exam.

Tanu Jain says that nobody in our family had attempted the UPSC exam, so she didn’t know how to prepare for it. When she told her mother about it, her mother and sister went to Delhi’s Nai Sadak to buy books for UPSC preparation. They brought back a few books from there. Then, with guidance from friends, she prepared for just two months, took the UPSC prelims exam, and passed it.

Tanu Jain’s first attempt

After cracking the UPSC prelims in just two months of preparation, I gained confidence that I could become an IAS. But due to inadequate preparation, I couldn’t pass the main exam in the first attempt. That failure forced me to think about what mistakes I was making that I couldn’t pass the main exam. I corrected those mistakes and started self-assessment.

Tanu Jain’s second attempt

Tanu Jain says that she corrected all the mistakes and tried again. This time, I succeeded in both prelims and mains. At that time, I thought that now I would pass the UPSC interview easily because I understand national and international issues well. I have been participating in debates and competitions since school. In the first interview, I scored only 151 marks. However, I was selected.

Tanu Jain’s third attempt

Tanu Jain says that I made a third attempt. In the second attempt, I had corrected the mistakes of the main exam, and similarly, in the third attempt, I tried to bring more marks in the interview. For this, the candidate should follow any ideal officer. Learn something from their personality. What is their way of talking? How do they keep any conversation with facts?

Dr. Tanu Jain says that many people think that UPSC interviewers often ask the candidates questions like ‘How many buttons are there on your shirt?’, ‘Which came first, the egg or the chicken?’, and ‘How many steps have you climbed?’ If you think that all these questions are asked in the UPSC interview, then the answer is no. UPSC panels do not ask such questions. It is different that if a candidate has answered all the questions well, then occasionally a panel may ask such questions in terms of their awareness.

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