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RR vs PBKS Head to Head in IPL, Records, Stats

RR vs PBKS Head to Head: A Look at their IPL Battles, The Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and the Rajasthan Royals (RR) are two of the most popular franchises in the Indian Premier League (IPL). These two teams have had some memorable battles over the years, with both sides putting on some thrilling performances. In this article, we’ll take a look at the RR vs PBKS head-to-head record and some of their most memorable clashes.

Since the inception of the IPL in 2008, RR and PBKS have faced each other on multiple occasions, showcasing their talent and determination to emerge victorious. The head-to-head record between the two teams has been fairly balanced, with some matches going down to the wire and others resulting in commanding victories.

RR vs PBKS Head to Head Stats:

RR vs PBKS has faced each other 25 times in the IPL, with RR winning 14 matches and PBKS winning 10. One match ended in no result due to rain. The two teams have met each other in the playoffs of the IPL twice, with RR emerging victorious on both occasions.

PlayedWon by RRWon by PBKSTieNR

The first meeting between RR and PBKS took place in the inaugural season of the IPL back in 2008. It was a close contest that went down to the wire, with Rajasthan Royals emerging victorious by just 6 runs. Yusuf Pathan’s blistering 61 off 28 deliveries played a pivotal role in RR’s triumph. This encounter set the stage for what would become a captivating rivalry in the years to come.

RR vs PBKS Memorable Clashes

One of the most memorable clashes between these two teams occurred in the 2015 season. During a league match, the Royals successfully defended a modest total, thanks to an exceptional bowling display led by James Faulkner. His stunning spell of 5 wickets for just 16 runs rattled the PBKS batting lineup, leaving them reeling and handing RR a thrilling victory. This match showcased the competitive spirit and unpredictability that defines the RR vs PBKS rivalry.

RR vs PBKS All Matches in IPL

Rajasthan Royals (RR) and Punjab Kings (PBKS) have had some intense encounters over the years in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Both teams have a loyal fan base and have produced thrilling matches filled with high scores, last-minute turnarounds, and exceptional performances. Let’s take a closer look at their head-to-head record in the IPL with the help of the following table:

Here is the head-to-head record of RR vs PBKS in the IPL along with details of each match:

2008JaipurRR6 wickets
2008MohaliPBKS41 runs
2009Cape TownPBKS27 runs
2009DurbanRR78 runs
2010JaipurRR9 wickets
2010MohaliPBKS8 wickets
2011JaipurPBKS48 runs
2011MohaliPBKS7 wickets
2012MohaliRR31 runs
2012JaipurRR43 runs
2013JaipurRR6 wickets
2013MohaliRR8 wickets
2014Abu DhabiPBKS7 wickets
2014AhmedabadRR6 wickets
2014MohaliRR7 wickets
2015AhmedabadRR26 runs
2015MohaliPBKS4 runs
2018MohaliPBKS6 wickets
2018JaipurRR15 runs
2019JaipurRR12 runs
2019MohaliPBKS12 runs
2020SharjahRR4 wickets
2020Abu DhabiPBKS2 runs
2021MumbaiPBKS4 runs
2021AhmedabadPBKS34 runs

Note: The table includes matches played till the 2021 IPL season. The 2022 and 2023 seasons are not considered in the data.

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